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Over the years we have been delivering our service to all types of customers, from day trips, airport transfers, long distance transfers, tours and corporate transfers, and we normally get a few questions from all type clients and we have put together a number of standard questions which we hope would clarify queries asked by people looking to get minibus hire and coach hire around the United Kingdom.

Minibus sizes can vary from 8 seater minibus to 14 seater minibus to 16 seater minibus. Anything over a 16 seater minibus is classed as coach hire, large coaches and double decker coaches, these vehicles can hold a large number of people up to 49 seater coaches.

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In between the minibus and coaches are mid-sized buses typically holding 24 to 34 seats anything over the 34 seats will be classed as a coach hire

Types of Minibus and Coaches

  1. Standard Minibus Hire and Coach Hire

    These vehicles are properly insured and road worthy, most do not have toilets on board, on board entertainment or air-condition. Mostly used for school runs, short distance travel nothing more than 60 miles transfers..
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  2. Luxury Minibus Hire and Coach Hire

    Luxury minibus and coaches should not be more than 5 years old, in most cases we would recommend to customers to verify what they will be getting in the luxury minibus hire and coach hire as specifications can vary from hostess service, drinks and catering facilities, fridges, reclining seats, tables and entertainment..
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  3. Executive Minibus Hire and Coach Hire

    Executive minibus should have some basic entertainment facilities on board and should expect not to be older than 7 years old. Some minibus also can have tinted windows, leather seats, tables and air condition. The larger vehicles like a 49 seater coach and above should have toilets on board..
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Although payment methods can vary across the board with many companies, a deposit payment is always required to secure the booking before the transfer date and the balance paid to the driver or company on the date. Payments are usually accepted by credit / debit cards, BAC’s – bank transfer, Cheque, please note credit cards may incur a small processing fee of up to 5%..
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Some journeys can need a second driver depending on the total hours required to complete a transfer. After 4.5 hours of driving a driver is required to take a break of 45 minutes rest. The law states a minibus hire or coach hire driver is only aloud to drive a maximum of 9 hours in one day and must have 10 hours rest before driving again..
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The prices are derived from a number for factors which include job mileage, vehicle size, quality of vehicle, time. You should be realistic on prices, if a job requires a second driver the cost of the transfer will be more because of regulations, having a minibus hire or coach hire for longer will always cost more. The can be additional cost included if the transfer requires more than one drop off and pick-ups..
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Every complaint are handled to the satisfaction of the customer, the first thing you should do if you have a problem with the allocated driver is to call the company you booked it with..
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The cost of the international minibus and coach hire is determined by ferry/tunnel/toll gate coach hire, driver accommodation. Most companies will take care of the cost of the ferry/tunnel/toll gate travel which will be included in the total cost of the hire. An international licence is also required by the transport company.

Minibus hire and coach hire operators often want to sell their best fleet as to what is affordable to the customer. Paying a very high price does not necessarily mean the best service or vehicle. Brokers can always help find availability and great prices with brilliant service in this competitive industry.

Minibus Hire is a family run business and a name you can trust. Safety, punctuality and comfort is a priority. We are available 7 days a week to meet your transport requirements, whether you want to book an early morning transfer, a special occasion like a weddings, tours. All minibus and coach drivers are locally based which means they know the best routes and quickest way to get you to your destination. We hope all our customers are truly happy with our service and welcome any feedback which will help us improve our service as we feel the most important person is the our customers.

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Special Events

  • The Grand National (April)
  • Royal Ascot (June)
  • British Grand Prix (June)
  • Henley Royal Regatta (July)
  • Notting Hill Carnival (August)